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Personal Injury Cases

Any personal injury case comes from different causes; auto accident, workplace accident, slip and fall, physical assaults and much more. But despite its many types, all personal injury cases have one thing in common: these are damages and accidents that are not intentional and are due to the carelessness of other people. An accident can cause some injuries, may it be serious or not. These minor injuries are best treated by a Chiropractor who specializes in personal injury cases. Chiropractic care can be administered to people who are experiencing pain from the accident they have encountered.

Personal injury

Our Chiropractors at Blue Spring are experts in dealing with personal injury cases. Dr. Steve Baek, our head Chiropractor, is Certified in Personal Injury. Thus when it comes to any cases involving personal injury, we can definitely help. Aside from providing our patients’ relief and treatment for any pain after an accident, there are also many other things we can help. For questions and inquiries about personal injury cases, call us at  (800) 719-4124 or email us.

Natural Treatment Options from Our Chiropractor

If you’re having pain, stiffness, neuropathy or other accompanying symptoms after an accident, get yourself immediate relief and treatment. A shock experienced from an accident can bring a huge number of issues physically and may hinder you from doing your daily routine. Our Chiropractors are urging you to get yourself checked and get spinal evaluation right away to prevent any further damage. You’ll definitely be in good hands when you set up an appointment with us and get evaluated as soon as possible. Our personal injury experts will answer your questions and may assist you further with your case. After our Chiropractors evaluate your injury and answer your questions they may prescribe natural treatment methods such as:

  • Spinal adjustments to realign your spine, relieve joint stiffness and end nerve impingement
  • Massage treatment to decrease delicate tissue pain and swelling while at the same time quickening the recovery process
  • Appropriate stretches and remedial exercises to help you mend up from the impacts of whiplash, sciatica and other injuries with an optimal range of motion.

Get the Help You Need

Whether you are looking for a chiropractor in Bellevue, a chiropractor in Lakewood, a chiropractor in Federal Way, or even the surrounding areas, our caring and qualified staff can develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Call Blue Spring Chiropractic at any of our three convenient offices to schedule a spinal evaluation and discuss your treatment options. We can put you back on the road to health!