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Pain Management

Every time you are experiencing pain, regardless of whether it’s sudden or chronic, you want to get immediate relief fast. But are you the type of person who avoids taking pain killers or undergoing experimental surgeries for treatment? If then, the best solution is definitely a Chiropractic care. Blue Spring Chiropractic serves three locations, wherever is convenient or near to you; Bellevue, Tacoma & Federal Way clinics provide comprehensive chiropractic solution.  Learn more about how our pain management solutions work.

Pain Management

Conditions Treated with Chiropractic Care

Here at Blue Spring Chiropractic, we help you with an extensive variety of conditions. In fact, most conditions including the musculoskeletal, spinal, nervous, or joint systems can be treated using our chiropractic services. For people experiencing back pain, such as due to sciatica or a herniated disc, our Chiropractors can solve your back pain problem immediately. We also work with patients who have plantar fasciitis in their heel or the nerve condition called fibromyalgia. Additionally, if you have been involved in an auto accident or sports injury and have neck pain or even acquired whiplash, we can also help. Study researchers noted that not only does spinal manipulation reduce inflammation and pain, but it also stimulates the body’s own natural healing ability and restores mobile functioning to the affected areas more quickly than other treatment techniques.

Treating Pain with Chiropractic Care

One of the essential techniques of pain management is through Chiropractic adjustments performed by our chiropractors. Getting your spinal column adjusted does two major things. First, it realigns your musculoskeletal framework, which helps lessen inflammation and irritation in the body. Second, a chiropractic adjustment expands the stream of oxygen-rich blood throughout the musculoskeletal framework. This maximizes the body’s ability to heal itself naturally so that you can beat painful conditions quicker.

Specialized Therapies

In addition to our chiropractic adjustments services, here at Blue Springs Chiropractic, we provide specialized therapies and treatments. We offer massage therapy to be used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. This helps the muscles and joints to become more relaxed and flexible, which aids in circulation. A massage can likewise help repair torn and strained muscles. The additional service we provide is nutritional counseling. We teach you to understand more about how your body responds and how you should take care of your health by eating healthily. This helps your body heal faster, while also fighting weight-related conditions, such as obesity.

We also offer lifestyle advice in coordination with nutritional counseling. Some of us often don’t get enough exercise due to an overly stressful schedule. These lifestyle choices may lead to physical problems, such as tension headaches and poor posture. By discussing ways to improve your general health and wellness, we will provide you with a holistic approach to healthcare.

Get the Help You Need

Our goal is to assist you with natural pain management via chiropractic methods including adjustment, decompression, corrective exercises, and massage therapy. To schedule an appointment with your chiropractor at Blue Spring Chiropractic call 425-644-7582.