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At Blue Spring, we offer injury rehabilitation at our three clinics to help you in recovering naturally. Our top-notch facilities and Doctors are available at our 3 locations, Federal Way, Bellevue or Lakewood. Experiencing unexpected injury impacts your wellbeing and body in different ways. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries and its area, treatment may be required for pain management and long-term recovery.

Injury Rehabilitation

Common Injuries We Treat

The common injuries our Chiropractors treat depends on the situation and the underlying cause of your pain. We generally help patients suffering from sports-related injuries, auto accident injuries and any other complications that may affect their ability to move around regularly. One of our Chiropractors will recommend an effective and immediate treatment based on your initial diagnosis.

Types of Injuries We Handle at Our Clinics

We handle and treat most types of injuries at our three locations. We offer personalized treatment plans for sports and auto related injuries to help you heal naturally. The common types of injuries we treat include:

  • Muscle injuries, such as whiplash or a sprained muscle
  • Injuries to your joints
  • Injuries to your spine or neck
  • Head injuries
  • Injuries to your ligaments
  • Rehabilitation after a broken bone mends
  • Rebuilding your mobility and flexibility after an accident
  • Injuries to your legs and arms

After our Doctors have assessed your condition, they will then diagnose what condition you have and what treatments should you get immediately. We offer pain management and treatments based on your specific needs, may it be a rehabilitation to help regain full mobility and flexibility or proper exercises to relieve any pain.

When to Talk to One of Our Chiropractors

If you have been suffering from a sudden pain, an injury after an accident, or a chronic pain, you should get yourself checked immediately. You may talk to one of our Chiropractors in order for you to get diagnosed and get treated right away. Even if you do not feel the injuries were significant after an accident, you should get yourself checked. There are certain injuries, like whiplash and muscle injuries, that don’t have obvious symptoms.

At our three clinic locations, we will help you determine the appropriate solution and natural treatment for your injury. We use up-to-date diagnostic tools with a combination of holistic and natural treatments to encourage healing and recovery faster.

Get the Help You Need

Rehabilitation is a process and it starts with identifying your specific needs. After an accident, we offer different treatment plans based on your goals and situation. To learn more about treating an injury for greater mobility or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor at Blue Spring Chiropractic , call us today at 425-644-7582.