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Headaches can be very annoying and painful but sometimes it may not be very alarming. In any case, when you begin experiencing amplified or repeating episodes of a headache, you may find that your capacity to work, sleep, perform simple tasks daily or get any enjoyment out of life has turned out to be seriously limited. The good news is that you don’t have to experience life often tormented by a headache. Take advantage of the natural treatment options for your headache Blue Spring Chiropractic. To get a relief from an annoying headache you’re experiencing, visit our clinics at Lakewood, Federal Way or Bellevue or contact us to request an appointment today.

Treating Headaches

Why Headaches Happen

There are headaches that are related to traumatic injuries. For instance, a car accident can give you both whiplash and concussion which are known to cause headaches. Headaches caused by cervical spinal issues are called cervicogenic migraines. Cluster headaches caused by sudden dilation/constriction of blood vessels can produce blinding pain.

The most widely recognized cerebral pain is the classic tension headache, generally, starts by pressure in the neck muscles. Emotional stress, unhelpful workplace ergonomics, and poor posture can all contribute to tension headaches. Even an imbalance in the way your skull sits on your top vertebrae can produce chronic muscle tension.

How Our Chiropractors Can Help

Our Chiropractors are skilled and experienced to diagnose the underlying causes of your headache and may recommend safe, drug-free solutions. They will evaluate your medical history, symptoms that you are currently experiencing and spinal alignment, especially paying attention to the upper cervical vertebrae. Massage is another helpful technique to relieve a tension headache, thus our Licensed Massage Therapists in our 3 locations are also available to give you the treatment and relaxation you deserve.

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