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Getting into an accident leads to a variety of injuries, including head trauma. A common injury from a car accident or a sports activity is a brain injury from sudden impacts to your head. When you have a concussion or a contusion, you want to seek proper treatment for your situation and goals. At Blue Spring Chiropractic, we offer natural treatments with a chiropractor to help with your situation and needs.

A head trauma refers to any injury to your head caused by a sudden impact.

The injuries may include:

  • A concussion, which happens when your brain is jarred or shaken hard enough to hit your skull
  • A contusion, which is a bruise on your brain that may result in swelling
  • A hematoma, which refers to bleeding in your brain that may clot

Any head injury should be a concern, even if it does not result in brain injury. Internal bleeding and swelling may cause complications, thus it may be checked right away. It shouldn’t be ignored and you should pay particular attention to any headaches, fogginess, changes to your mental state or any other symptoms related to your head.

Head Trauma

Why Talk to a Bellevue Chiropractor?

Our Chiropractors offer effective treatment for traumatic head injuries. Dr. Steve Baek is certified in brain injury and has the experience to help with any traumatic head injuries that you are experiencing. He understands the potential dangers of the injuries and takes measures to help your body heal without taking unnecessary risks.

We offer the tools you need available at our three locations to heal and start rebuilding your life in a healthy and effective way.

Our Experience with Brain Injury

Our skilled staff is certified and trained to handle a variety of injuries and concerns related to an auto accident. A car accident chiropractor in our clinic will evaluate your needs and will determine the appropriate solutions based on your situation.

Dr. Baek is certified to treat whiplash and other injuries related to a car accident. He is also certified in personal injury from the Personal Injury Institute and has certification from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego for whiplash, personal injury, and laser treatments.

His unique qualifications make him an ideal professional to handle whiplash injuries or other auto accident injuries that may limit your mobility or your ability to enjoy a variety of different tasks and activities. Our professional team understands the underlying concerns related to the accident and we take measures to encourage healing and recovery.

Get the Help You Need

Recovering from a head injury starts with your needs. Our Blue Spring Chiropractors will help you with your condition. For more details about treating a brain injury, call us today at 425-644-7582.